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Diane with Cassidy...she keeps her company
in her

Diane Balber started as a design major in college and continued to take classes in drawing, painting, ceramics and art history on an ongoing basis.

Her passion for the arts and the creative process led her to take on new challenges in glass blowing, more painting and ceramics, paper making and then the discovery of jewelry design.  

With her love of ceramics, Diane discovered a fairly new craft in jewelry making called Precious Metal Clay known as PMC.

Intrigued by the ability to easily manipulate this medium and the added draw of some of her interests in ceramics she enjoyed the freedom this gave her in design.   She began taking classes and continued to learn more on her own.  Through trial and error plus the drive to excel in the craft she has brought much of her background together.

Diane Balber Designs incorporates natural and organic influences that create charming yet significant jewelry that are wearable everyday.  

Diane continues her education through workshops and other classes while she persists in learning more techniques for her designs.