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Is it clay or silver?

PMC stands for Precious Metal Clay and is made up of finely ground silver held together by an organic binder.  This silver is .999 and is one of the purest of its form.  PMC has the consistency of a clay and can be rolled out, hand formed, and easily take in textures while wet or carved into when it is dry.

After the PMC is dry, there is usually some finishing needed by applying very fine sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. The pieces are then fired in a small kiln at 1650 degrees for two hours.  When the pieces come out of the kiln they appeared as a mat silver.

Each piece is then scrubbed with a steel brush to bring in some of the shine to the silver.  The pieces are then tumbled in a solution with steel shot to bring the shine to the silver and completely clean the piece.  Other finishing includes soldering of jump rings which then requires a final tumbling.  At this point the piece is finished unless oxidation is applied as part of the design.